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When not to initiate market research

Many words have been written on why a company should initiate a market study exercise. But what is equally important is knowing when not to initiate such an exercise. Here are 3 key considerations –

a. Timelines: If you do not have too much time for a detailed study, the best idea is not to get into it. Many times, we have seen companies get into a market study with very aggressive timelines. There is pressure on the data collection and analysis phases leaving scope for errors, missed opportunities etc. In cases where there is little time, it is best to go with secondary information, insights from people in the field, and talking to industry experts/analysts.

3 simple ways to get ideas for content generation

Is generating quality content periodically one of your responsibilities at work? And is that a problem area for you? Let me guess – scarcity of ideas, inadequate writing skills and lack of bandwidth to invest time and effort in developing the content are some of your bugbears. Sounds familiar – don’t worry – there is a way to get around these issues. This blog suggests 3 simple ways to deal with the first issue – I.e. generating ideas for relevant content –

Technology brands – noun or a verb?

Technology has become a key part of our lives today undoubtedly. Not a day passes without you downloading your emails, or logging on to Facebook or a similar social media networking site or using google to look up some information. In fact, names of some technology brands have crept into our vocabulary too.

Have you spoken to your sales team recently?

I recently met with a client to discuss ideas for a marketing campaign that she wanted to launch for a particular offering from her company –an offering for a typical B2B enterprise. Initially we discussed coming up with something different and exciting that would catch the fancy of the target audience to remove the monotony from an otherwise boring offering. However, as we got into the details, a few things became clear. Coming up with something out of the ordinary would have certainly been innovative and different. But the client wanted a quick start and did not have the flexibility of a long preparation period which is essential in such cases. More importantly, a jazzy campaign was likely to end up as a marketing-led one with little or no participation from sales. Ultimately, the sales team has to buy-in completely into a marketing campaign or it to be successful. Finally, we converged on an approach that would be acceptable to sales and help them strike a conversation with the prospective client.