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Repurposing content

Lots has been written on the importance of repurposing content and so on. Similarly at Prayag, we have been proposing the same for our clients as there is only a limited amount of original content that can be generated periodically owing to bandwidth and time pressures. Moreover with the multiple channels available to marketers today, it sure makes sense to maximize them and one way to do that is to repurpose content. The content that can be repurposed has to be substantive and significant like whitepapers, case studies, PoVs, research reports etc. This blog highlights the work we did with a global IT giant in this area as part of their India marketing campaigns.

The starting point was a case study complete with quotes from the client which was used to circulate both internally and externally. How was this content repurposed and what was the objective behind that? The client has planned a marketing campaign to promote its solutions and highlight the benefits delivered to the client. The target for this campaign was an external audience and the client decided to go for paid media campaigns. The media plan included advertorials, banner ads and slideshare ads to be placed in strategic business publications and portals.

The first step was the advertorial. Given that there is a limited window to capture the reader’s attention, we knew that a text based approach would not be successful. However, a certain amount of text is definitely needed to convey the right message. We decided on a hybrid approach of using a brief text description supported by a visually rich infographics to describe the case study. These advertorials appeared in leading business and IT publications. The next part of the media plan was to advertise in online business portals. A new way of doing this was to develop what was called as slideshare type ads – where the content would be placed in such a way to give an effect similar to what one gets on viewing a presentation on slideshare. Finally, we also helped create articles from these case studies which were featured in business portals.

Here are three ways in which the content was repurposed and there can be other channels too – for example, creating content for social media updates, blogs and so on. There are several opportunities and all it requires is a planned approach and execution. Of course, not all companies can afford to spend on media campaigns – however, with careful planning, it is possible to come up with a customized approach for each company and achieve the marketing objectives.

Have you come across similar examples where repurposing was successful? Will be great to hear from you on those.


(This blog first appeared on www.prayag.com)