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Repurposing content

Lots has been written on the importance of repurposing content and so on. Similarly at Prayag, we have been proposing the same for our clients as there is only a limited amount of original content that can be generated periodically owing to bandwidth and time pressures. Moreover with the multiple channels available to marketers today, it sure makes sense to maximize them and one way to do that is to repurpose content. The content that can be repurposed has to be substantive and significant like whitepapers, case studies, PoVs, research reports etc. This blog highlights the work we did with a global IT giant in this area as part of their India marketing campaigns.

Making market research count

Want to validate your new idea in the market and test its viability? Or you already have a product in the market but are not seeing the expected results? Else your product is present in a few markets and you want to expand its reach further? These are questions for which a business needs to find answers to from time to time. And market research offers a reliable way to understand the market and plan your next steps.

When not to initiate market research

Many words have been written on why a company should initiate a market study exercise. But what is equally important is knowing when not to initiate such an exercise. Here are 3 key considerations –

a. Timelines: If you do not have too much time for a detailed study, the best idea is not to get into it. Many times, we have seen companies get into a market study with very aggressive timelines. There is pressure on the data collection and analysis phases leaving scope for errors, missed opportunities etc. In cases where there is little time, it is best to go with secondary information, insights from people in the field, and talking to industry experts/analysts.

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