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3 simple ways to get ideas for content generation

Is generating quality content periodically one of your responsibilities at work? And is that a problem area for you? Let me guess – scarcity of ideas, inadequate writing skills and lack of bandwidth to invest time and effort in developing the content are some of your bugbears. Sounds familiar – don’t worry – there is a way to get around these issues. This blog suggests 3 simple ways to deal with the first issue – I.e. generating ideas for relevant content –

1. Read and read more – keep yourself updated with the happenings and goings on in your industry. Be aware of the latest trends and keep an eye on what experts are saying. There are more than enough news portals, news feeds and newsletters to help you stay aware.

2. Scan competition sites – get a handle on what your competitors, both big and small, are up to. What are they talking about? What about other players in the ecosystem? If you are a services company, keep abreast with what product companies are discussing.

3. Talk to your customers – if your role is customer facing, use that opportunity to meet with customers and strike meaningful conversations with them. Find out what issues they are obsessing with, what gains are they hankering after, what are the investments they are considering and so on. A good substitute for customers is sales people in case you are not able to reach out to customers directly.

If you look at the above three points, they all point to getting a handle on the market pulse and provide easy ways to get a grip on it. So, do you think you now have a chance to come up with better and more relevant ideas to develop content for your company? Let me know if you have other methods that you employ.

(This blog first appeared on www.prayag.com)