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Easy ways to generate content from what you already have

Generating content for regular communication with your stakeholders is the bane of every B2B marketer. One challenge is coming up with engaging and relevant themes that would excite your audience and the second is developing content assets.

Here’s where repurposing can help and play a huge role in reducing your stress levels and ensure that you actually produce useful content for your target audience.

As part of your yearly marketing plan, let’s assume that you have earmarked a big ticket activity every quarter. For example, it could be an event in Q1, research in Q2, series of events in Q3 and a whitepaper in Q4.

These marketing activities are exactly what you need for your repurposing efforts.

Events are a great source of information. You can share snippets of the event through blogs, snap videos to capture quotes or short interviews with customers or influencers at the event. pictures, infographics, slideshare presentations in addition to social media updates.


A research report can spawn off blogs, infographics, microsites, interviews (text/video), online banners, presentations, listicles and so on.

You get the picture.

You could choose to share these assets with a specific set of stakeholders rather than make it available to all. It could be integrated into a key account management program or weaved into an executive visit. You share information that is relevant but present it in a unique format to make it special.

More importantly with this approach, you are able to generate and sustain a steady stream of content to your stakeholders. Content that is presented in different formats for a different segments of your audience is the icing on the cake.

Sometimes we are so caught up in the hustle-bustle of our daily tasks that simple solutions fail to occur. This is one such simple approach that falls under the “must-try” category for content marketers.

Happy repurposing!


(This blog first appeared on www.prayag.com)